Senderos Canal

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Type of trail: In and out
Round-trip Distance: 0.2 miles (381 m.)
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Elevation Gain: 195 ft. (59 m)
Max Height: 295 ft. (90 m)
Attractions: Forest, plants, history, view, wildlife
Activities: walking, hiking, bird watching, running
Use: Low
Rating: Easy
Activity involves some physical effort but with relative comfort. This applies to short walks on partially paved paths, or well-maintained trails with slight to moderate incline.



The start of this little path is to your right less than five minutes after the entry of the Miraflores Locks and Visitor Center. There is a parking area and many people fish in the ponds on both sides of the road, especially on weekends. Park administration recently placed a sign that is easily visible from the road announcing the trail.


It is a short trail to which we devoted several days of maintenance work with volunteers last year. The special thing about this trail is that you get to visit and see a beautiful forest and at the end you can enjoy a very special view of the Panama Canal's Pedro Miguel Locks and the Centenario Bridge in the distance.

We placed some basic way-finding signs therefore you should have no problem finding your way. If you take a left at the first "Y" you will access another trail that goes around the lake, but this trail has no signage and some sections are in poor condition.

The lookout area at the top of the trail is quite flat and has ruins of a strategic point possibly used for security by the United States Army. It is a very nice place to share a picnic, watch the sunset and take kids on their first hike!

Seasonal Elements
Dry Season (Jan-March): Very enjoyable
Rainy Season (April – Dec): Very enjoyable, just watch out for afternoon rains




What to Bring:
  1. Enough Water
  2. Enough Food
  3. Shoes with good soles or Hiking boots (do not wear flip-flops)
  4. Rain jacket (rainy season)
  5. Repellent (optional)
  6. Hiking Poles (optional)


Management: National Government - Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (ANAM)
Hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 4:30 (Camino de Cruces National Park Administration Station)

International: $5.00
National: $3.00
National Students: $1.00
National Retired: $1.50

Contact Information:
Camino de Cruces National Park: N/A
ANAM Metro Regional office:(507) 500-0908
National Department of Protected Areas: (507) 500-0855 - (507) 500-0839
Additional Info:


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